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1.  Reproductive Biology, Tissue Culture, and Taxonomy of Selected Nursery Crops

2.  Weight Management in Horses : Relationships Among Digestible Energy Intake, Body Weight, and Body Condition

3.  Effects of Induced Stress on Turkey Hens Supplemented with Yeast Derived Fermentation Products

4.  On the Forward and Inverse Computational Wave Propagation Problems

5.  Techniques for Mesh Movement and Curved Mesh Generation for Computational Fluid Dynamics

6.  Divine Technology : How God Created Dinosaurs and People

7.  Algebraic Geometry of Phylogenetic Models

8.  Quantifying Degradation in Ceramic Matrix Composites Through Electromagnetic Interrogation and the Related Estimatio...

9.  Mathematical Modeling and Proof of Concept Testing of Spherical rovers

10.  A Study of Log-concave Mixture Models

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