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1.  Flexible Regression Models for Functional Responses

2.  An Investigation into Collaborative Partnerships Through the Perspective of Embedded Networks

3.  Community Development and Tourism in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala

4.  An Examination of the Ability of High School Wealth and Academic Preparation to Predict First Year Retention of Afri...

5.  Examining School Counselor Influence on the Placement of Ninth-Grade Students into Mathematics Courses : An Analysis...

6.  Conductive Carbon-Based Nonwovens for Supercapacitor Electrodes and Related Electrochemical Technologies

7.  Medium Voltage High Power Grid Connected Three Phase Converters Enabled by 15 kV Silicon Carbide Power Devices

8.  UVM-based Verification Suite for a Cache

9.  Formation and Integrity Evaluation of Woven Electrically Conductive Textiles

10.  A Touch with Technology : Creating a Foundation for Meaningful Digital Inclusion through Local Government

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