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1.  Evaluation of the Higg Index 2.0 and Other Sustainability Assessment Tools

2.  Costly Inspections and Limited Abatement : The Efficiency of Automobile Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) Programs

3.  Inverse Analysis of Irradiated Nuclear Material Gamma Spectra via Nonlinear Optimization

4.  Exploring Relationships between Social Networks and Vested Interest in a Municipal Parks and Recreation Participator...

5.  Toward Understanding the Molecular Regulation of Nicotine Biosynthesis

6.  Investigations of Partially Premixed Jet Flames in Co-flow air in the presence of Electric Fields

7.  Power Generation and Energy Storage Integration for Wave Energy Conversion System

8.  DREAMing of a Better Life : A Policy Delphi Study Exploring Skill Development and Employment for Undocumented Deferr...

9.  The Role of Vitamin Fortification on Flavor of Fluid Milk

10.  The Impact of Alternative Production Systems, Density, Molt, and Nutrient Supplements on Performance Characteristics...

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