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1.  Inference for Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors in Exponential Families of Random Symmetric Matrices

2.  Entropy-Stabilized Oxides : Explorations of a Novel Class of Multicomponent Materials

3.  A New African in the World : A Rhetorical Study of Kwame Nkrumah's Visual Strategy for Shaping Postcolonial Nationhood

4.  Whole Hospital Capacity Dynamics : Modeling and Exploration

5.  Decision Models for Mode of Delivery Combining Patient and Clinician Risk Perceptions and Preferences

6.  Tectonic and Climatic Controls on Landscape Evolution in the Hangay Mountains, Mongolia and Olympic Mountains, USA

7.  Corn and Wheat Yields as a Function of Nitrogen Rates and Fertilizer Types or Additives in Three Physiographic Regio...

8.  Propagating, Cloud-eroding Boundaries in Southeast Atlantic Marine Stratocumulus

9.  Characterization of Coastal Plain Parking Lot Runoff and Effects of Retrofitting with Infiltrating Stormwater Contro...

10.  Atomic Metrology in Ordered/Disordered Systems Using Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

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