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1.  Amphidromous Fish Recruitment and its Ecological Role in Caribbean Freshwater-Marine Ecotones

2.  Off-Target Pesticide Displacement and Fate in Turfgrass, Riparian and Aquatic Systems

3.  The Role of Vitamin Fortification on Flavor of Fluid Milk

4.  Inverse Analysis of Irradiated Nuclear Material Gamma Spectra via Nonlinear Optimization

5.  Alternative Chemical Disinfection Technologies for Inactivation of Human Norovirus on Surfaces

6.  Investigations of Partially Premixed Jet Flames in Co-flow air in the presence of Electric Fields

7.  A New Design-Structure-Matrix Development Framework

8.  A Two-Dimensional Finite Element Model of Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing

9.  Whole-Lung Airflow and Particle Transport/Deposition Modeling

10.  Hustle : The Identification of Hustle in Individuals

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