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1.  Flexible Regression Models for Functional Responses

2.  An Investigation into Collaborative Partnerships Through the Perspective of Embedded Networks

3.  The Immersed Boundary Method with an Implicit Update of a Moving Boundary

4.  Conductive Carbon-Based Nonwovens for Supercapacitor Electrodes and Related Electrochemical Technologies

5.  Characterization, Pathogenicity and Management of Rhizoctonia spp. Associated with Leaf and Sheath Spot of Ultradwar...

6.  What Are the Important Ideas When Teaching Rate of Change?

7.  Utilization of Network-Forming Block Copolymers and Ionomers in the Development of Novel Nanostructures and Responsi...

8.  A Descriptive Case Study of the Ethics of Care Fostered by a Statewide Blended Teaching Model in Support of Site-Bas...

9.  Synthesis of Bi-Functional Activated Carbon for Removal of p-Cresol and Ammonia

10.  Design and Optimization of a Composite Flexure for Use on a Linear Actuator

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