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1.  The Preparedness of Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers to Teach Statistics : A Cross-Institutional Mixed Meth...

2.  Public Sector Mentoring : An Analysis of Mentor-Protégé Relationships and Their Effects on Outcomes

3.  Structures and Properties of Cyclotomic Polynomials

4.  Design of On-chip Bus of Heterogeneous 3DIC Micro-processors

5.  Ties That Don't Bind : Computing the Unknotting Numbers of Knot Families

6.  Improving Management of Sweetpotato Postharvest Diseases through Integrated Strategies

7.  Nonwovens as Separation Media in Bioreactors

8.  Investigation of the Abilities of 3D Scanning Technology for Quality Inspection of Additively Manufactured Metal Parts

9.  Breeding for Combined Shade and Cold Tolerance in Bermudagrass (Cynodon spp.) and the Identification of QTL Associat...

10.  The Effects and Management of Two Invasive Pests of Ornamental Plants

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