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Canine sports medicine and surgery
editors, Mark S. Bloomberg, Jon F. Dee, Robert A. Taylor ; associate editor, James R. Gannon.
Veterinary Medicine Library Call Number
  Stacks SF991.6 .C36 1998 (Browse Shelf) Available
Other Authors
  • ISBN: 0721650228
  • OCLC Number: 34996087
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

Ch. 15. Muscle Injuries in the Racing Greyhound / Richard D. Eaton-Wells. Ch. 16. Injury and Diseases of Tendons / Simon C. Roc. Ch. 17. Carpal Injuries / Kenneth A. Johnson. Ch. 18. Tarsal Injuries / Jon F. Dee. Ch. 19. Stifle Injuries / Loic M. Dejardin, Jean A. Nemzek and Steven Paul Arnoczky. Ch. 20. Injuries of the Metacarpus and Metatarsus / Christopher M. Boemo. Ch. 21. Injuries of the Digits and Pads / Richard D. Eaton-Wells. Ch. 22. Disorders of the Hip Joint in the Canine Athlete / Kirk L. Wendelburg. Ch. 23. Lumbosacral Stenosis in the Sporting Dog / Kirk L. Wendelburg. Ch. 24. Long-Bone Fractures in the Racing Greyhound / Richard D. Eaton-Wells and Jon F. Dee.Ch. 25. Arthropathies / Brian S. Beale. Ch. 26. Physeal Injuries / Robert B. Parker. Ch. 27. Osteochondrosis of Sporting and Working Dogs / Mark S. Bloomberg and Daniel D. Lewis. Ch. 28. Diagnostic and Surgical Arthroscopy in Small Animals / Bernadette Van Ryssen and Henri Van Bree. Ch. 29. Diseases of the Sesamoid Bones / Geoffrey M. Robins and Richard A. Read -- Sect. VI. Treatment Methodologies. Ch. 30. Physical Therapy in Canine Sporting Breeds / Robert A. Taylor, Merry Lester and James R. Gannon. Ch. 31. Racing Performance in Greyhounds: Manipulation, Traction, Tissue Mobilization, and Sustained Stretch Exercises / Phillip E. Davis.Ch. 32. First Aid and Track Care of Racing Greyhounds and Other Sporting Breeds / Desmond P. Fegan -- Sect. VII. Reproduction. Ch. 33. Breeding Soundness Examination of the Working Dog / Philip G. A. Thomas and Nigel R. Perkins. Ch. 34. Suppression or Prevention of Estrus in Racing and Sporting Dogs / Victor M. Shille. Ch. 35. Natural Breeding / Desmond P. Fegan. Ch. 36. Canine Insemination: Artificial, Chilled, and Frozen / Robert L. Johnson and Katherine S. Settle. Ch. 37. Management of Pregnancy and Parturition / Frank R. Jordan -- Sect. VIII. Nutrition. Ch. 38. Nutrition for the Racing Greyhound / John R. Kohnke. Ch. 39. Nutrition for Sled Dogs / Dominique Grandjean.Ch. 40. Nutrition for Sporting Dogs / Gregory A. Reinhart -- Sect. IX. Exercise and Training. Ch. 41. The Exercise Physiology of Sporting Dogs / Ross V. Staaden. Ch. 42. Perspectives on Raising, Training, and Racing the Racing Greyhound. Ch. 43. Artificial Lures / Keith Dillon. Ch. 44. Training Sled Dogs / Kathryn J. Frost -- Sect. X. Drugs and Medications: Quality Assurance/Testing Programs. Ch. 45. Drug Testing in Sporting Dogs / A. Morrie Craig. Ch. 46. Drug Control Programs in Canine Sports Medicine / James R. Gannon -- Sect. XI. Miscellaneous Topics. Ch. 47. Race Track Biomechanics and Design / Bede W. Ireland.Ch. 48. Imaging Techniques and Radiographic Examination of the Appendicular Skeletal System / Richard D. Park. Ch. 49. Greyhound Racing Injuries: Racetrack Injury Survey / Mark S. Bloomberg and William W. Dugger. Ch. 50. Veterinary Problems of Racing Sled Dogs / Dominique Grandjean, Kenneth W. Hinchcliff and Stuart Nelson [et al.]. Ch. 51. Unique Veterinary Problems of Coursing Dogs / S. Gary Brown. Ch. 52. Veterinary Problems Unique to Security and Detector Dogs / Paul B. Jennings, Jr. and James R. Freeman, Jr. Ch. 53. What's New on the Horizon for Comparative Orthopedic Sports Medicine / William G. Rodkey, C. Wayne McIlwraith and J. Richard Steadman.Ch. 54. Racing Greyhound Adoption Programs / Larry G. Dee. Ch. 55. Bandages and Splints / Mark A. Bloomberg and Robert A. Taylor / Edited by Robert A. Taylor, Jon F. Dee and James R. Gannon.Ch. 7. Stress- and Performance-Related Illness in Sporting Dogs / Steven A. Holloway. Ch. 8. Dermatology / Neal C. Andelman. Ch. 9. Genitourinary Diseases in the Canine Athlete / Ray G. Ferguson and Christopher M. Boemo. Ch. 10. Neurological Dysfunction in Sporting and Working Dogs / Linda Blythe. Ch. 11. Pulmonary Diseases of Working and Sporting Dogs / Robert R. King. Ch. 12. Diseases of the Muscles / James R. Gannon -- Sect. IV. Parasitology. Ch. 13. Gastrointestinal Parasites and Kennel Management / Robert K. Ridley and Michael W. Dryden. Ch. 14. External Parasites / Michael W. Dryden and Robert K. Ridley -- Sect. V. Musculoskeletal System.Sect. I. Origin and History of Sporting and Working Dogs. Ch. 1. Origin and History of the Racing Greyhound and Coursing Dogs / Gary Guccione. Ch. 2. Origin and History of the Sled Dog / Dominique Grandjean. Ch. 3. History of Competitive Upland Game Bird and Retriever Dogs / Esther McCartney and Ken McCartney. Ch. 4. Origin, History, Training, and Utilization of Search, Rescue, and Tracking Dogs / Alice J. Stanley. Ch. 5. Origins and History of Security and Detector Dogs / Paul B. Jennings, Jr. -- Sect. II. Physical Examination. Ch. 6. Soundness Examination of the Sporting Canid / James R. Gannon -- Sect. III. Medical Problems.