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The comprehensive sourcebook of bacterial protein toxins
editors, Joseph E. Alouf and John H. Freer.

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D.H. Hill Library Call Number
  Stacks (8th floor) QP632 .B3 C66 1999 (Browse Shelf) Available
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  • Bacterial protein toxins
  • Sourcebook of bacterial protein toxins
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  • ISBN: 0120530759
  • OCLC Number: 41465017
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Rev. ed. of: Sourcebook of bacterial protein toxins.
Table of Contents

11. The family of Shiga toxins / David W. K. Acheson and Gerald T. Keusch -- 12. The bifactorial Bacillus anthracis lethal and oedema toxins / Stephen A. Leppla -- 13. Helicobacter pylori vacuolating cytotoxin and associated pathogenic factors / Cesare Montecucco, Emanuele Papini and Marina de Bernard / [et al.] -- 14. Biophysical methods and model membranes for the study of bacterial pore-forming toxins / Gianfranco Menestrina and Beatrix Vecsey Semjen -- 15. Membrane-damaging and cytotoxic phospholipases / Richard W. Titball -- 16. The family of the multigenic encoded RTX toxins / Albrecht Ludwig and Werner Goebel --17. The family of Serratia and Proteus cytolysins / Volkmar Braun and Ralf Hertle -- 18. The channel-forming toxin aerolysin / J. Thomas Buckley -- 19. Haemolysins of Vibrio cholerae and other Vibrio species / Sumio Shinoda -- 20. [delta]-Toxin, related haemolytic toxins and peptidic analogues / Jean Dufourcq, Sabine Castano and Jean-Claude Talbot -- 21. The bi-component staphylococcal leucocidins and [gamma]-haemolysins (toxins) / Gilles Prevost -- 22. Enterococcus faecalis cytolysin and Bacillus cereus bi- and tri-component haemolysins / Michael S. Gilmore, Michelle C. Callegan and Bradley D. Jett --23. Clostridium septicum pore-forming and lethal [alpha]-toxin / Rodney K. Tweten and Bret R. Sellman -- 24. Introduction to the family of the structurally related cholesterol-binding cytolysins ('sulfhydryl-activated' toxins) / Joseph E. Alouf -- 25. Streptolysin O / Joseph E. Alouf and Michael Palmer -- 26. Pneumolysin: structure, function and role in disease / Timothy J. Mitchell -- 27. Perfringolysin O / Jamie Rossjohn, Rodney K. Tweten and Julian I. Rood / [et al.] -- 28. Listeriolysin, the thiol-activated haemolysin of Listeria monocytogenes / Thomas Jacobs, Ayub Darji and Siegfried Weiss / [et al.] -- 29. Enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli heat-stable toxins / J. Daniel Dubreuil --30. Heat-stable enterotoxins of Vibrio and Yersinia species / Tae Takeda, Ken-ichi Yoshino and Thandavarayan Ramamurthy / [et al.] -- 31. Bacteroides fragilis toxins / Cynthia L. Sears -- 32. Superantigenic Streptococcus pyogenes erythrogenic/pyrogenic exotoxins / Joseph E. Alouf, Heide Muller-Alouf and Werner Kohler -- 33. Properties of Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxins and toxic shock syndrome toxin-1 / Steven R. Monday and Gregory A. Bohach -- 34. Yersinia pseudotuberculosis superantigenic toxins / Christophe Carnoy and Michel Simonet -- 35. The pathogenesis of shock and tissue injury in Clostridia gas gangrene / Dennis L. Stevens and Amy E. Bryant --36. Toxin-induced modulation of inflammatory processes / Brigitte Konig, Andreas Drynda and Andreas Ambrosch / [et al.] -- 37. Staphylococcal epidermolytic toxins: structure, biological and pathophysiological properties / Yves Piemont -- 38. Bacterial toxins as food poisons / Per Einar Granum and Sigrid Brynestad -- 39. Diphtheria toxin-based interleukin-2 fusion proteins / Johanna C. vanderSpek and John R. Murphy -- 40. Native and genetically engineered toxin-based vaccines for cholera and Escherichia coli diarrhoeas / Ann-Mari Svennerholm and Jan Holmgren.5. Regulation of diphtheria toxin production: characterization of the role of iron and the diphtheria toxin repressor / Joanne Goranson-Siekierke and Randall K. Holmes -- 6. Cholera toxin and Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin / Timothy R. Hirst -- 7. Bordetella pertussis protein toxins / Camille Locht and Rudy Antoine -- 8. Clostridial toxins acting on the cytoskeleton / Monica Thelestam, Esteban Chaves-Olarte and Michael Moos / [et al.] -- 9. Structural and genomic features of clostridial neurotoxins / Michel R. Popoff and Jean-Christophe Marvaud -- 10. Pathophysiological properties of clostridial neurotoxins / Judit Herreros, Giovanna Lalli and Cesare Montecucco / [et al.] --Preface to second edition / Joseph E. Alouf and John H. Freer -- Preface to first edition / Joseph E. Alouf and John H. Freer -- 1. Plasmids, phages and pathogenicity islands: lesson on the evolution of bacterial toxins / Ulrich Dobrindt and Jorg Hacker -- 2. The Ras superfamily of small GTP-binding proteins as targets for bacterial toxins / Patrice Boquet -- 3. Molecular, functional and evolutionary aspects of ADP-ribosylating toxins / Mariagrazia Pizza, Vega Masignani and Rino Rappuoli -- 4. Binding, uptake, routing and translocation of toxins with intracellular sites of action / Sjur Olsnes, Jorgen Wesche and Pal O. Falnes --