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Canine and feline endocrinology and reproduction
Edward C. Feldman, Richard W. Nelson.
Veterinary Medicine Library Call Number
  V.E.T.S. Collection SF992 .E53 F45 2004 (Browse Shelf) Available
  Stacks SF992 .E53 F45 2004 (Browse Shelf) Available
  Stacks SF992 .E53 F45 2004 (Browse Shelf) Available
Other Authors
  • ISBN: 0721693156
  • OCLC Number: 52806299
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

Ch. 1. Water Metabolism and Diabetes Insipidus -- Ch. 2. Disorders of Growth Hormone -- Ch. 3. Hypothyroidism -- Ch. 4. Feline Hyperthyroidism (Thyrotoxicosis) -- Ch. 5. Canine Thyroid Tumors and Hyperthyroidism -- Ch. 6. Canine Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing's Syndrome) -- Ch. 7. Hyperadrenocorticism in Cats (Cushing's Syndrome) -- Ch. 8. Hypoadrenocorticism (Addison's Disease) -- Ch. 9. Pheochromocytoma and Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia -- Ch. 10. Glucocorticoid Therapy -- Ch. 11. Canine Diabetes Mellitus -- Ch. 12. Feline Diabetes Mellitus -- Ch. 13. Diabetic Ketoacidosis -- Ch. 14. Beta-Cell Neoplasia: Insulinoma --Ch. 15. Gastrinoma, Glucagonoma, and Other APUDomas -- Ch. 16. Hypercalcemia and Primary Hyperparathyroidism -- Ch. 17. Hypocalcemia and Primary Hypoparathyroidism -- Ch. 18. Renal Hormones and Atrial Natriuretic Hormone -- Ch. 19. Ovarian Cycle and Vaginal Cytology -- Ch. 20. Breeding, Pregnancy, and Parturition -- Ch. 21. Periparturient Diseases -- Ch. 22. Induced Abortion, Pregnancy Prevention and Termination, and Mismating -- Ch. 23. Cystic Endometrial Hyperplasia/Pyometra Complex -- Ch. 24. Infertility, Associated Breeding Disorders, and Disorders of Sexual Development -- Ch. 25. Vaginal Defects, Vaginitis, and Vaginal Infection --Ch. 26. Brucellosis and Transmissible Venereal Tumor -- Ch. 27. Clinical and Diagnostic Evaluation of the Male Reproductive Tract -- Ch. 28. Disorders of the Penis and Prepuce -- Ch. 29. Disorders of the Testes and Epididymides -- Ch. 30. Prostatitis -- Ch. 31. Infertility -- Ch. 32. Artificial Insemination, Fresh Extended Semen, and Frozen Semen -- Ch. 33. Feline Reproduction.