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Canine rehabilitation & physical therapy
[edited by] Darryl L. Millis, David Levine, Robert A. Taylor.
Veterinary Medicine Library Call Number
  Stacks SF991 .C2625 2004 (Browse Shelf) Available
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  • Canine rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Canine rehabilitation physical therapy
Other Authors
  • ISBN: 0721695558
  • OCLC Number: 52947817
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

1. History of Canine Rehabilitation / Lin McGonagle and Robert A. Taylor -- 2. Regulatory and Practice Issues for the Veterinary and Physical Therapy Professions / Albert S. Dorn, Nancy Murphy and David Levine -- 3. Conceptual Overview of Physical Therapy, Veterinary Medicine, and Canine Physical Rehabilitation / David Levine and Caroline P. Adamson -- 4. Canine Behavior / Daniel Q. Estep -- 5. Canine Anatomy / Cheryl Riegger-Krugh, Darryl L. Millis and Joseph P. Weigel -- 6. Would Healing: Tendons, Ligaments, Bone, Muscles, and Cartilage / James (Ned) Williams -- 7. Responses of Musculoskeletal Tissues to Disuse and Remobilization / Darryl L. Millis --17. Electrical Stimulation / Janna Johnson and David Levine -- 18. Massage / Amanda Sutton -- 19. Therapeutic Ultrasound / Janet E. Steiss and Laurine McCauley -- 20. Acupuncture / Laurie McCauley and Maria H. Glinski -- 21. Common Orthopedic Conditions and Their Physical Rehabilitation / David Levine, Robert A. Taylor and Darryl L. Millis -- 22. Neurologic Conditions and Physical Rehabilitation of the Neurologic Patient / Paul Shealy, William B. Thomas and Laretta Immel -- 23. Physical Rehabilitation for the Critically Injured Veterinary Patient / Anne Marie Manning --24. Physical Rehabilitation for Geriatric and Arthritic Patients / Robert A. Taylor, Darryl L. Millis, David Levine, Caroline P. Adamson, John Bevan and Denis Marcellin-Little -- 25. Putting It All Together: Principles of Protocol Development / Caroline P. Adamson, David Levine, Darryl L. Millis and Robert A. Taylor -- 26. Development of a Canine Rehabilitation Facility / Paul Shealy -- App. 1. Joint Motion and Ranges -- App. 2. Comparative Myology of the Dog -- App. 3. Main Ligament Attachments and Functions -- App. 4. Sample Protocols.8. Exercise Physiology / Robert Gillette -- 9. The Role of Chondroprotectants and Nutraceuticals in Rehabilitation / Brian S. Beale -- 10. Orthopedic and Neurologic Evaluation / Darryl L. Millis, Michael Hoelzler and Robert A. Taylor -- 11. Gait Analysis / Rob Gillette -- 12. Assessing and Measuring Outcomes / Darryl L. Millis -- 13. Range-of-Motion and Stretching Exercises / Darryl L. Millis, Angelo Laweling and Siri Hamilton -- 14. Therapeutic Exercises / Siri Hamilton, Darryl L. Millis, Robert A. Taylor and David Levine -- 15. Aquatic Therapy / David Levine, Lauren Rittenberry and Darryl L. Millis -- 16. Superficial Thermal Modalities / Kristinn Heinrichs --