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Equine stud farm medicine and surgery
Derek C. Knottenbelt ... [et al.].
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  • ISBN: 070202130X
  • ISBN: 141754063X (E-ISBN)
  • OCLC Number: 53981917
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

1. Basic Stud Farm Construction / Reg Pascoe and Woody Asbury -- 2. Feeding and Exercise / Reg Pascoe and Derek Knottenbelt -- 3. Routine Stud Management Procedures / Derek Knottenbelt and Reg Pascoe -- 4. The Stallion / Cheryl Lopate, Michelle LeBlanc and Derek Knottenbelt -- 5. The Mare / Michelle LeBlanc, Cheryl Lopate, Derek Knottenbelt and Reg Pascoe -- 6. Mating / Michelle LeBlanc and Cheryl Lopate -- 7. Pregnancy / Michelle LeBlanc, Cheryl Lopate and Derek Knottenbelt -- 8. Parturition / Cheryl Lopate, Michelle LeBlanc, Reg Pascoe and Derek Knottenbelt -- 9. The Placenta / Reg Pascoe and Derek Knottenbelt -- 10. The Mammary Gland / Derek Knottenbelt --11. The Newborn Foal / Derek Knottenbelt.