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The basic science of oncology
edited by Ian F. Tannock ... [et al.].

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Veterinary Medicine Library Call Number
  Stacks RC261 .B37 2005 (Browse Shelf) Available
Other Authors
  • ISBN: 0071387749
  • OCLC Number: 54365500
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

1. Introduction to cancer biology / Lea Harrington, Robert G. Bristow, Richard P. Hill and Ian F. Tannock -- 2. Cancer epidemiology / John McLaughlin and Steven Gallinger -- 3. Chemical and radiation carcinogenesis / Allan B. Okey, Patricia A. Harper, Denis M. Grant and Richard P. Hill -- 4. Methods of molecular analysis / Suzanne Kamel-Reid, Cheryl H. Arrowsmith, Patricia P. Reis and Jeremy A. Squire -- 5. Genomic stability and DNA repair / Robert G. Bristow and Lea Harrington -- 6. Viruses and cancer / Christopher D. Richardson -- 7. Oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes / Sara Oster, Linda Penn and Vuk Stambolic -- 8. Cellular signaling / Melanie A. McGill and C. Jane McGlade --17. Cellular and molecular basis of drug treatment for cancer / Michael J. Boyer and Ian F. Tannock -- 18. Drug resistance / Susan P. C. Cole and Ian F. Tannock -- 19. Hormones and cancer / Paul Rennie, Jason Read and Leigh Murphy -- 20. Cancer and the immune system / Nancy N. Berg-Brown, Linh T. Nguyen and Pamela S. Ohashi -- 21. Biological therapy of cancer / Neil L. Berinstein -- 22. Guide to studies of diagnostic tests, prognostic factors, and treatments / David C. Hodgson and Ian F. Tannock.9. Cell proliferation and tumor growth / Jeffrey C. H. Donovan, Joyce Slingerland and Ian F. Tannock -- 10. Cell death / Razqallah Hakem and Lea Harrington -- 11. Tumor progression and metastasis : cellular, molecular, and microenvironmental factors / Rama Khokha, Evelyn Voura and Richard P. Hill -- 12. Angiogenesis / Celina Sturk and Daniel Dumont -- 13. Imaging in oncology / Michael D. Sherar -- 14. Molecular and cellular basis of radiotherapy / Robert G. Bristow and Richard P. Hill -- 15. The scientific basis of radiotherapy / Richard P. Hill and Robert G. Bristow -- 16. Pharmacology of anticancer drugs / Lillian L. Siu and Malcolm J. Moore --