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Mental health and well-being in animals
edited by Franklin D. McMillan.
Veterinary Medicine Library Call Number
  Stacks SF745 .M46 2005 (Browse Shelf) Available
Other Authors
  • ISBN: 0813804892 (alk. paper)
  • OCLC Number: 55657251
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

13. The concept of quality of life in animals / Franklin D. McMillan -- 14. Giving power to animals / Hal Markowitz and Katherine Eckert -- 15. Psychological well-being in animals / Suzanne Hetts, Dan Estep and Amy R. Marder -- 16. Do animals experience true happiness? / Franklin D. McMillan -- 17. Animal happiness : a philosophical view / Bernard E. Rollin -- Pt. IV. Special populations -- 18. Mental well-being in farm animals : how they think and feel / Temple Grandin -- 19. The mental health of laboratory animals / Lesley King and Andrew N. Rowan -- 20. Animal well-being and research outcomes / Hal Markowitz and Gregory B. Timmel --21. Mental health issues in captive birds / Lynne Seibert.7. Stress, distress, and emotion : distinctions and implications for mental well-being / Franklin D. McMillan -- 8. Interrelationships between mental and physical health : the mind-body connection / Michael W. Fox -- 9. Mental illness in animals - the need for precision in terminology and diagnostic criteria / Karen L. Overall -- 10. Treatment of emotional distress and disorders - non-pharmacologic methods / John C. Wright, Pamela J. Reid and Zack Rozier -- 11. Treatment of emotional distress and disorders - pharmacologic methods / Amy R. Marder and J. Michelle Posage -- 12. Emotional maltreatment in animals / Franklin D. McMillan -- Pt. III. Mental wellness --Foreword / Roger S. Fouts -- Pt. I. Foundations of animal mental health and well-being -- 1. On understanding animal mentation / Bernard E. Rollin -- 2. The question of animal emotions : an ethological perspective / Marc Bekoff -- 3. The experience of pleasure in animals / Michel Cabanac -- 4. The science of suffering / Marian Stamp Dawkins -- 5. Affective-social neuroscience approaches to understanding core emotional feelings in animals / Jaak Panksepp -- Pt. II. Emotional distress, suffering, and mental illness -- 6. Animal boredom : understanding the tedium of confined lives / Francoise Wemelsfelder --