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Manual of parrot behavior
Andrew U. Luescher, editor.
Veterinary Medicine Library Call Number
  Veterinary Medicine Library Course Reserve SF473 .P3 M27 2006 (Browse Shelf) Available - On Reserve (what's this?)
Other Authors
  • ISBN: 0813827493 (alk. paper)
  • ISBN: 9780813827490
  • OCLC Number: 61758019
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

1. Classification and the status of wild populations of parrots / Dominique G. Homberger -- 2. Behavior of wild Amazona and Rhynchopsitta parrots, with comparative insights from other psittacines / Ernesto C. Enkerlin-Hoeflich, Noel F. R. Snyder and James W. Wiley -- 3. Parrot conservation, trade, and reintroduction / Charles A. Munn -- 4. Sensory capacities of parrots / Jennifer Graham, Timothy F. Wright, Robert J. Dooling and Ruediger Korbel -- 5. Social behavior of psittacine birds / Lynne M. Seibert -- 6. Captive parrot nutrition : interactions with anatomy, physiology, and behavior / Kevin David Matson and Elizabeth A. Koutsos --14. Behavior analysis and parrot learning / S. G. Friedman, Steve Martin and Bobbi Brinker -- 15. Behavior classes in the veterinary hospital : preventing problems before they start / Kenneth R. Welle -- 16. Clinical evaluation of psittacine behavioral disorders / Kenneth R. Welle and Liz Wilson -- 17. Diagnostic workup of suspected behavioral problems / Susan E. Orosz -- 18. Aggressive behavior in pet birds / Kenneth R. Welle and Andrew U. Luescher -- 19. Parrot vocalization / Laurie Bergman and Ulrike S. Reinisch -- 20. Parrots and fear / Liz Wilson and Andrew U. Luescher -- 21. Problem sexual behaviors of companion parrots / Fern Van Sant --22. Mate trauma / April Romagnano -- 23. Feather-picking disorder in pet birds / Lynne M. Seibert -- 24. Psittacine behavioral pharmacotherapy / Kenneth M. Martin -- 25. Behavior of captive psittacids in the breeding aviary / G. Heather Wilson -- 26. Housing and management considerations for problem prevention / Andrew U. Luescher and Liz Wilson -- 27. Captive parrot welfare / Cheryl Meehan and Joy Mench.7. Comfort behavior and sleep / Laurie Bergman and Ulrike S. Reinisch -- 8. Parrot reproductive behavior, or who associates, who mates, and who cares? / Tracey R. Spoon -- 9. Nest box preferences / Scott George Martin and April Romagnano -- 10. Hand-rearing : behavioral impacts and implications for captive parrot welfare / Rebecca Fox -- 11. Behavioral development of psittacine companions : neonates, neophytes, and fledglings / Phoebe Greene Linden and Andrew U. Luescher -- 12. Handler attitude and chick development / Brenda Cramton -- 13. Grey parrot cognition and communication / Irene M. Pepperberg --