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Joint structure and function : a comprehensive analysis
Pamela K. Levangie, Cindy C. Norkin.
Veterinary Medicine Library Call Number
  Stacks QP303 .N59 2005 (Browse Shelf) Available
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  • Joint structure & function
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  • ISBN: 0803611919 (hardcover : alk. paper)
  • OCLC Number: 56526595
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

Kinematics and introduction to kinetics -- Kinetics: considering rotatory and translatory -- Materials used in human joints -- General properties of connective tissue -- Human joint design -- Joint function -- Changes with age, disease, injury, immobilization and exercise -- Elements of muscle structure -- Muscle function -- Effects of immobilization, injury, and aging -- Patient case -- General structure and function -- Regional structure and function -- Muscles of the vertebral column -- Effects of aging -- General structure and function -- Rib cage -- Muscles associated with the rib cage -- Coordination and integration of ventilatory motions -- Developmental aspects of structure and function -- Pathological changes in structure and function -- General functions -- Structure -- Function -- Dysfunctions -- Patient case -- Components of the shoulder complex -- Integrated function of the shoulder complex -- Patient case -- Structure: elbow joint (humeroulnar and humeroradial articulations) -- Function: elbow joint (humeroulnar and humeroradial articulations) -- Structure: radioulnar joints (superior and inferior articulations) -- Function: radioulnar joints -- Mobility and stability: elbow complex -- Effects of age and injury -- The wrist complex -- The hand complex -- Prehension -- Functional position of the wrist and hand -- Structure of the hip joint -- Function of the hip joint -- Hip joint forces and muscle function in stance -- Hip joint pathology -- Definitions of motions -- Ankle joint -- The subtalar joint -- Transverse tarsal joint -- Tarsometatarsal joints -- Metatarsophalangeal joints -- Interphalangeal joints -- Plantar arches -- Muscles of the ankle and foot -- Deviations from normal structure and function -- Static and dynamic posture -- Kinetics and kinematics of posture -- Analysis of standing posture -- Analysis of sitting postures -- Analysis of lying postures -- Effects of age, pregnancy,occupation, and recreation on posture -- General features -- Patient case -- Gait initiation -- Kinematics -- Kinetics -- Kinematics and kinetics of the trunk and upper extremities -- Stair and running gaits -- Effects of age, gender, assistive devices, orthoses -- Abnormal gait.