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Principles and practice of mechanical ventilation [electronic resource]
editor, Martin J. Tobin.
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  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Principles & practice of mechanical ventilation
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  • ISBN: 007149183X (electronic)
  • ISBN: 9780071491839 (electronic)
  • OCLC Number: 171113519
  • Description based on print version record.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

Fighting the ventilator / Martin J. Tobin, Charles G. Alex, and Patrick J. Fahey -- Psychological problems in the ventilated patient / Ubaldo Martin and Gerard J. Criner -- Addressing respiratory discomfort in the ventilated patient / Robert B. Banzett and Robert Brown -- Ventilator-supported speech / Jeannette D. Hoit, Robert B. Banzett, and Robert Brown -- Sleep in the ventilated patient / Patrick J. Hanley -- Weaning from mechanical ventilation / Martin J. Tobin and Amal Jubran -- Extubation / Martin J. Tobin and Franco Laghi -- Pt. XIV. Adjunctive therapy. Surfactant / James F. Lewis -- Inhaled nitric oxide / Klaus Lewandowski -- Diaphragmatic pacing / Anthony F. DiMarco -- Bronchodilator therapy / Rajiv Dhand -- Inhaled antibiotic therapy / Jean-Jacques Rouby, Ivan Goldstein, and Qin Lu -- Fluid management in the ventilated patient / Andrew D. Bernsten -- Pt. XV. Ethics and economics. The ethics of withholding and withdrawing mechanical ventilation / Élie Azoulay -- Interpreting clinical trials of mechanical ventilation: the importance of routine care / Katherine J. Deans ... [et al.] -- Economics of ventilator care / Shannon S. Carson -- Purchasing a ventilator / James B. Fink -- Long-term outcomes after mechanical ventilation / Catherine Lee Hough and J. Randall Curtis.Mechanical ventilation in the acute respiratory distress syndrome / John J. Marini -- Mechanical ventilation for severe asthma / James W. Leatherman -- Mechanical ventilation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease / Sonia Khirani ... [et al.] -- Mechanical ventilation in neuromuscular disease / Ahmet Baydur -- Chronic ventilator facilities / Stefano Nava and Michele Vitacca -- Noninvasive ventilation on a general ward / Mark Elliott -- Pt. IX. Physiologic effects of mechanical ventilation. Effects of mechanical ventilation on control of breathing / Dimitris Georgopoulos -- Effect of mechanical ventilation on heart-lung interactions / Michael R. Pinsky -- Effect of mechanical ventilation on gas exchange / Robert Rodríguez-Roison and Antoni Ferrer -- Pt. X. Artificial airways and management. Airway management / Steven Deem and Michael J. Bishop -- Complications of translaryngeal intubation / John L. Stauffer -- Care of the mechanically-ventilated patient with a tracheostomy / John E. Heffner and Bonnie Martin-Harris --Pt. I. Historical background. Historical perspective on the development of mechanical ventilation / Gene L. Colice -- Pt. II. Physical basis of mechanical ventilation. Classification of mechanical ventilators / Robert L. Chatburn -- Basic principles of ventilator machinery / Robert M. Kacmarek and Daniel Chipman -- Equipment required for home mechanical ventilation / Robert M. Kacmarek and atul Malhotra -- Pt. III. Indications. Indications for mechanical ventilation / Franco Laghi and Martin J. Tobin -- Pt. IV. Conventional methods of ventilatory support. Setting the ventilator / Steve Holets and Rolf D. Hubmayr -- Assist-control ventilation / Jordi Mancebo -- Intermittent mandatory ventilation / Catherine S.H. Sassoon -- Pressure-support ventilation / Laurent Brochard and François Lellouche -- Pressure-controlled and inverse-ratio ventilation / Marcelo B.P. Amato and John J. Marini -- Positive end-expiratory pressure / Paolo Navalesi and Salvatore Maurizio Maggiore -- Pt. V. Alternative methods of ventilator support. Airway pressure-release ventilation / Christian Putensen and Hermann Wrigge -- Proportional-assist ventilation / Magdy Younes -- Closed-loop ventilation / Jason H.T. Bates -- Permissive hypercapnia / John g. Laffey and Brian P. Kavanagh -- Feedback enhancements on ventilator breaths / Neil MacIntyre and Richard D. Branson --Pt. VI. Noninvasive methods of ventilator support. Negative-pressure ventilation / Antonio corrado and Massimo Gorini -- Noninvasive respiratory AIDS: rocking bed, pneumobelt, and glossopharyngeal breathing / Nicholas S. Hill -- Noninvasive positive-pressure ventilation / Nicholas S. Hill -- Pt. VII. Unconventional methods of ventilator support. High-frequency ventilation / Alison B. Froese -- Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation and extracorporeal life support / Robert Bartlett and Theodor Kolobow -- Extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal / Antonio Presenti, Luciano Gattinoni and Michela Bombino -- Liquid ventilation / Rupa Seetharamaiah, Stefano Tredici and Ronald B. Hirschl -- Transtracheal gas insufflation / Lluis Blanch and Avi Nahum -- Pt. VIII. Ventilator support in specific settings. Mechanical ventilation in the neonatal and pediatric setting / Peter C. Rimensberger and Juerg Hammer -- Independent lung ventilation / David V. Tuxen -- Mechanical ventilation during resuscitation / Achim von Goedecke and Volker Wenzel -- Transport of the ventilator-supported patient / Richard D. Branson and Jay A. Johannigman --Pt. XI. Complications in ventilator-supported patients. Complications associated with mechanical ventilation / Scott K. Epstein -- Ventilator-induced lung injury / Didier Dreyfuss, Jean-Damien Ricard, and Georges Saumon -- Ventilator-induced diaphragm dysfunction / Theodoros Vassilakopoulos -- Barotrauma and bronchopleural fistula / David J. Pierson -- Oxygen toxicity / Robert F. Lodato -- Pneumonia in the ventilator-dependent patient / Jean Chastre and Jean-Yves Fagon -- Sinus infections in the ventilated patient / Jean-Jacques Rouby and Qin Lu -- Pt. XII. Evaluation and monitoring of ventilator-supported patients. Imaging of the mechanically ventilated patient / Lawrence R. Goodman -- Monitoring during mechanical ventilation / Amal Jubran and Martin J. Tobin -- Pt. XIII. Management of the ventilator-supported patient. Prone positioning in acute respiratory failure / Luciano Gattinoni ... [et al.] -- Pain control, sedation, and neuromuscular blockade / John P. Kress and Jesse B. Hall -- Humidification / Jean-Damien Ricard --