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Adams and Stashak's lameness in horses.
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  Veterinary Medicine Library Course Reserve SF959 .L25 A3 2011 DVD (Browse Shelf) Available - On Reserve (what's this?)
  Veterinary Medicine Library Course Reserve SF959 .L25 A3 2011 (Browse Shelf) Available - On Reserve (what's this?)
  Veterinary Medicine Library Course Reserve SF959 .L25 A3 2011 (Browse Shelf) Available - On Reserve (what's this?)
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  • Uniform Title: Adams' lameness in horses.
  • Lameness in horses
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  • ISBN: 9780813815497 (hardback : alk. paper)
  • ISBN: 0813815495 (hardback : alk. paper)
  • OCLC Number: 642278461
  • "This DVD is designed to play on all standard DVD players"--disc label
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Rev. ed. of: Adams' lameness in horses. 5th ed. / [edited by] Ted S. Stashak. c2002.
Table of Contents

7. Principles of Musculoskeletal Disease -- a. Joint injuries/disease and osteoarthritis -- b. Bone injuries/disease -- c. Tendon and ligament injuries/disease -- d. Muscle injuries/disease -- 8. Principles of Therapy for Lameness -- a. Systemic/Parenteral -- b. Topical/local -- c. Intrasynovial -- d. Intralesional -- e. Oral/Nutritional -- f. Therapeutic trimming and shoeing -- g. Surgical -- h. Acupuncture treatment of lameness and back pain -- i. Manual therapy techniques -- j. Rehabilitation/physical therapy -- 9. Occupation-related lameness conditions -- a. Thoroughbred racehorses -- b. Standardbred racehorses -- c. Quarter Horse racehorses -- d. Endurance horses -- e. Show/pleasure horses -- f. Western performance horses -- g. Jumping/Dressage/Eventing -- h. Draft horses -- 10. Miscellaneous musculoskeletal conditions -- a. Guidelines for prepurchase examinations -- b. The poor-performing horse -- c. Head shaking and bit-related problems -- d. Stance and gait abnormalities caused by neurological disease -- e. Evaluation of proper saddle fit -- f. Treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal infections -- 11. Lameness in the young horse -- a. The physis/physeal fractures -- b. Physitis -- c. Angular limb deformities -- d. Flexural deformities -- e. Osteochondrosis -- f. Lameness in foals -- g. Cervical stenotic myelopathy (Wobbler syndrome) -- 12. Foot care and farriery -- a. Basic foot care -- b. Principles of trimming and shoeing -- c. Farriery for common hoof problems -- d. Natural balance trimming and shoeing.Machine generated contents note: 1. Functional anatomy of the musculoskeletal system -- a. Anatomic nomenclature and usage -- b. Forelimb -- c. Hindlimb -- d. Axial components -- 2. Conformation and movement -- a. Conformation -- b. Method of evaluation -- c. Movement -- 3. Examination for Lameness -- a. History, visual exam, palpation and manipulation -- b. Evaluation of horses at work -- c. Objective assessment of lameness -- d. Kinematics/Kinetics -- e. Perineural and intrasynovial anesthesia -- f. Diagnostic acupuncture exam (DAPE) -- 4. Diagnostic Procedures -- a. Radiography -- b. Ultrasound -- c. Nuclear scintigraphy -- d. MRI -- e. CT -- f. Arthroscopy/endoscopy/bursoscopy -- g. Thermography -- 5. Lameness in the Extremities -- a. Foot -- b. Pastern -- c. Fetlock -- d. Metacarpus/metatarsus -- e. Carpus -- f. Antebrachium, elbow, and humerus -- g. Shoulder and scapula -- h. Tarsus and tibia -- i. Stifle -- j. Femur and coxofemoral joint -- 6. Lameness Associated with the Axial Skeleton -- a. Pelvis -- b. Sacroiliac region -- c. Thoracolumbar region/Back -- d. Neck and poll --