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The laboratory rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, and other rodents [electronic resource]
edited by Mark A. Suckow, Karla A. Stevens, Ronald P. Wilson.
Other Authors
  • ISBN: 9780123809209
  • ISBN: 0123809207
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

Chinchillas: Taxonomy and history / Brent J. Martin ; Anatomy, physiology, and behavior / Leanne C. Alworth and Stephen B. Harvey ; Management, husbandry, and colony health / Stephen I. Levin, Diana M.P. Berger, and Tracy L. Gluckman ; Basic experimental methods / Charlie C. Hsu, Jeleen A. Briscoe, and Angela B. Keffer ; Diseases and veterinary care / John N. Norton and Randall P. Reynolds ; Chinchillas as experimental models / Lisa Martin --Formulary and normative values: Formulary / Sean Maguire and C. Terrance Hawk ; Normative values / Jolaine M. Wilson, Diane J. Gaertner, James O. Marx, and F. Claire Hankenson.General: Ethical considerations and regulatory issues / Marilyn J. Brown and Kathleen L. Smiler ; Anesthesia and analgesia / Patrick A. Lester ; Rashida M. Moore, Katherine A. Shuster, and Daniel D. Myers ; Clinical biochemistry and hematology / Ida M. Washington and Gerald Van Hoosier ; Euthanasia and necropsy / Mihai Gagea-Iurascu and Suzanne Craig ; Zoonoses and occupational health / David W. Brammer --Guinea pigs: Taxonomy and history / Stacy Pritt ; Anatomy, physiology, and behavior / Maureen Hargaden and Laura Singer ; Management, husbandry, and colony health / Vincent C. Gresham and Vicky L. Haines ; Basic experimental methods / Richard B. Huneke ; Infectious diseases / Thea Brabb, Denise Newsome, Andrew Burich, and Martha Hanes ; Non-infectious diseases / Bruce H. Williams ; Guinea pigs as experimental models / Douglas K. Taylor and Vanessa K. Lee --Hamsters: Taxonomy and history / Gerald D. Smith ; Anatomy, physiology, and behavior / Kathleen A. Murray ; Management, husbandry, and colony health / Guy B. Mulder ; Biomedical research techniques / Jerald Silverman ; Bacterial and fungal diseases / Craig S. Frisk ; Viral diseases / Amy Cassano, Skye Rasmussen, and Felix R. Wolf ; Parasitic diseases / Holly N. Burr, Lee-Ronn Paluch, Gordon S. Roble, and Neil S. Lipman ; Non-infectious diseases / Brian Karolewski, Thomas W. Mayer, and Gaye Ruble ; The experimental use of hamsters / Helen Valentine, Erin K. Daugherity, Bhupinder Singh, and Kirk J. Maurer ; The Chinese or striped-back hamster / William P. Feeney ; The European hamster / Judy Fenyk-Melody ; Other hamsters / Beth A. Bauer and Cynthia Besch-Williford --Other rodents: Degu / Lesley A. Colby, Howard G. Rush, Megan M. Mahoney and Teresa M. Lee ; Naked mole rat / Rochelle Buffenstein, Thomas Park, Martha Hanes, and James E. Artwohl ; Deer mice, white-footed mice, and their relatives / Peter C. Smith ; Jodi A. Carlson Scholz, and Steven R. Wilson ; Dormouse / John P. Long and Cheri L. West ; Kangaroo Rat / Denise M. Newsom and Gerald L. Van Hoosier, Jr. ; Cotton rat / Joseph F. Curlee and Dale M. Cooper ; Pocket gopher / M. Susan Devries ; White-tailed rat / Beth A. Bauer and Cynthia L. Besch-Williford ; Gerbils / Margaret Batchelder, Lynn S. Keller, Mary Ball Sauer, and Wanda L. West ; Egyptian fat-tailed jird / Stephen A. Felt, Nancy L. Merrill, Fady I. Guirguis, and Hussein I. Hussein ; Sand rat / Rony Kalman, Ehud Ziv, Galila Lazarovici, and Eleazar Shafrir --Rabbits: The domestic rabbit, 'Oryctolagus cuniculus': origins and history / Katherine A. Naff and Suzanne Craig ; Rabbit genetics and transgenic models / Neil D. Christensen and Xuwen Peng ; Anatomy, physiology, and behavior / Joanne Soon and Marcelo A. Cato ; Rabbit colony management and related health concerns / Robert H. Quinn ; Basic experimental methods in the rabbit / Cynthia A. Pekoe ; antibody production / Harold F. Stills / Toxicity and safety testing / Debra Kirchner and Susan Hen wood ; Bacterial diseases / David De long ; Viral diseases / Thea Babb and Ronald F. Di Giacomo ; Parasitic diseases / Stacy Pritt, Kimberley Cohen, and Heather Sedlacek ; Rabbit neoplasia / Peggy T. Tinkey, Rajesh K. Uthamanthil, and Steven H. Weisbroth ; Mycoses and non-infectious diseases / Kristie Brock, Laura Gallaugher, Valerie K. Bergdall, and Robert C. Dysko ; The rabbit as an experimental model / Tanya H. Burkholder, Garry Linton, Robert F. Hoyt, Jr., and Richard Young --