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edited by Klaus-Peter Wilhelm, Hongbo Zhai, Howard I. Maibach.
Veterinary Medicine Library Call Number
  Stacks RL803 .D47 2012 (Browse Shelf) Available
Other Authors
  • ISBN: 1841848557
  • ISBN: 9781841848556 (hardcover)
  • ISBN: 9781841848570 (electronic bk.)
  • ISBN: 1841848573 (electronic bk.)
  • OCLC Number: 819846557
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

Diagnostic tests in dermatology: patch and photopatch testing and contact urticaria / Ludivine Bernard, Antti I. Lauerma, and Howard I. Maibach -- Photoirritation (phototoxicity or phototoxic dermatitis) / Dena Elkeeb and Howard I. Maibach -- Significance of methyl mercury hair analysis: mercury biomonitoring in human scalp/nude mouse model / Grazyna Zareba and Thomas W. Clarkson -- Use of modified forearm-controlled application test to evaluate skin irritation of lotion formulations / Miranda A. Farage and Klaus-Peter Wilhelm -- Evaluating mechanical and chemical irritation using the behind-the-knee test: a review / Miranda A. Farage -- Tests for sensitive skin / Annahita Sarcon ... [et al.] -- Dermatotoxicology of specialized epithelia: adapting cutaneous test methods to assess topical effects on the vulva / Miranda A. Farage and Howard I. Maibach -- Biomarkers associated with severe cutaneous adverse reactions / Nahoko Kaniwa and Yoshiro Saito -- VII. Treatment. Decreasing allergic contact dermatitis frequency through dermatotoxicologic and epidemiologic-based interventions / Divya K. Alla, Naissan O. Wesley, and Howard I. Maibach --I. Concepts. Pharmacogenetics and dermatology / Tsippora Shainhouse, Ernest Lee, and Howard I. Maibach -- Hormesis and dermatology / Audris Chiang, Haw-Yueh Thong, and Howard I. Maibach -- Toward an evidence-based dermatotoxicology / Sebastian Hoffmann, thomas Hartung, and David A. Basketter -- How to improve skin notation / Pietro Sartorelli, Heinz Ahlers, and Jesper B. Nielsen -- Skin ion channels in helath and disease / Ivan Restrepo-Angulo ... [et al.] -- II. Systemic toxicity. Systemic toxicity / Germaine L. Truisi, Howard I. Maibach, and Philip G. Hewitt -- Chemical respiratory allergy: opportunities for hazard identification and characterization / Elena Gimenez-Arnau -- Nephrotoxicity of organic solvents from skin exposure / Inge Mangelsdorf and Jens-Uwe Voss -- Mechanisms in cutaneous drug hypersensitivity reactions / Margarida Goncalo and Derk P. Bruynzeel -- Systemic allergy (contact) dermatitis / Jeanette Kaae, Niels K. Veien, and Jacob P. Thyssen -- III. Local toxicity. Immunologic mechanisms in allergic and irritant contact dermatitis / Iris S. Ale and Howard I. Maibach -- Allergic contact dermatitis: elicitation thresholds of potent allergens in humans / L. Bernard, J.J. Hostynek, and Howard I. Maibach --Importance of the skin decontamination wash-in effect / Richard P. Moody and Howard I. Maich -- Water decontamination of chemical skin and eye splashes: critical review / Alan H. Hall and Howard I. Maibach -- Irritant and allergic contact dermatitis treatment / Hongbo Zhai, Angela N. Anigbogu, and Howard I. Maibach -- Anti-irritants: myth or reality? An overview / Kaley A. Myer and Howard I. Maibach -- VIII. Regulatory aspects and guidelines. Validation and regulatory acceptance of dermatotoxicology methods: recent progress and the role of NICEATM and ICCVAM / William S. Stokes and Judy Strickland -- Survey of safety and efficacy information in drug inserts in topical prescription medications / Danny Zaghi and Howard I. Maibach -- Lack of drug interaction conformity in commonly used drug compendia for selected at-risk dermatologic drugs / Katherine Willard ... [et al.] -- OECD guidelines for testing of chemicals / Klaus-Peter Wilhelm and Howard I. Maibach -- Dermatologic drugs withdrawn by the FDA for safety reasons / Melissa Martin and Howard Malbach.In vivo human transfer of topical bioactive drugs among individuals: Estradiol and testosterone / Kristine B. Zitelli and Howard I. Maibach -- Pigmentation changes as a result of arsenic exposure / Nikolay V. Matveev and Molly L. Kile -- V. Susceptibility of different populations. Gender and pharmacokinetics / Bobeck S. Modjtahedi ... [et al.] -- Dermatologic drug dosage in the elderly / Anna Flammiger and Howard I. Maibach -- Sensitive skin: a valid syndrome of multiple origins / Miranda A. Farage, Enzo Berardesca, and Howard I. Maibach -- Dermatotoxicology of the vulva / Christina Y. Wang and Howard I. Maibach -- Human scalp irritation related to arm and back / Hongbo Zhai ... [et al.] -- Functional map and age-related differences in human faces: nonimmunologic contact urticaria induced by hexyl nicotinate / Anaheed Heydari ... [et al.] -- Adhesive tape stripping reveals differences in stratum corneum cohesion between Caucasians, Blacks, and Hispanics as a function of age / Kaley A. Myer ... [et al.] -- VI. Methods. Animal, human, and in vitro test methods for predicting skin irritation / Yakir S. Levin, cheryl L. Levin, and Howard I. Maibach --Photoirritation (phototoxicity, phototoxic dermatitis) / Panthea Heydari, Natalie M. Moulton-Levy, and Howard I. Maibach -- Contact urticaria syndrome / Ana Gimenez-Arnau -- IV. Compounds. Percutaneous penetration enhancers: an overview / Sailesh Konda, Haw-Yueh thong, and Howard I. Maibach -- Chemical warfare agents / Robert P. Chilcott -- Allergic contact dermatitis from ophthalmics / Andreas J. Brandstetter and Howard I. Maibach -- Textiles and human skin, microclimate, cutaneous reactions: an overview / Wen Zhong ... [et al.] -- Identifying the source of textile-dye allergic contact dermatitis: a guideline / Kathryn L. Hatch and Howard I. Maibach -- Trichloroethylene dermatotoxicology: an update / C.L. Goh -- Chemical agents that cause depigmentation / Barbara Noury, Sahar Sohrabian, and Howard I. Maibach -- Hydroxychloroquine-induced retinopathy / Aziza A. Wahby, Jackie M. Tripp, and Howard I. Maibach -- Factors influencing applied amount of topical preparations / Nikolay V. Matveey, Tanzima Islam, and Howard I. Maibach -- Immune reactions to copper / Jurij J. Hostynek -- Sodium lauryl sulfate / Cheol Heon Lee and Howard I. Maibach -- Water: is it an irritant? / Tsen-Fang Tsai --Physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling of dermal absorption / James N. McDougal and James V. Rogers -- In vitro approaches to assessment of skin irritation and phototoxicity of topically applied materials / Chantra Eskes, Joao Barrosa, and David A. Basketter -- The local lymph node assay / David A. Basketter ... [et al.] -- Utilization of irritation data in the local lymph node assay / Peter Ulrich and Hans-Werner Vohr -- Failure of standard test batteries for the detection of genotoxic activity of some carcinogenic chemicals used in dermatologic and cosmetic products / Giovanni Brambilla and Antonietta Martelli -- Determination of nickel and chromium allergy, sensitization, and toxicity by cellular in vitro methods / Monika Lindemann -- Methods for in vitro skin metabolism studies / Robert L. Bronaugh -- In vitro model for decontamination of human skin: formaldehyde / Hongbo Zhai, Xiaoying Hui, and Howard I. Maibach -- Percutaneous absorption of hazardous substances from soil and water / Josephine Gerby, Ronald C. Wester, and Howard I. Maibach -- Stratum corneum tape stripping method: an update / Yue Zheng ... [et al.] -- The diagnostic value of patch testing / Iris S. Ale and Howard I. Maibach --