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Comparing the geological and fossil records : implications for biodiversity studies
edited by A.J. McGowan and A.B. Smith.
Natural Resources Library Call Number
  Stacks QE711.3 .C66 2011 (Browse Shelf) Available
Other Authors
  • ISBN: 9781862393363
  • ISBN: 1862393362
  • OCLC Number: 772690691
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

The ties linking rock and fossil records and why they are important for palaeobiodiversity studies / A.B. Smith & A.J. Mcgowan -- Skeletal mineralogy and biodiversity of marine invertebrates : size matters more than seawater chemistry / L Cherns & V.P. Wright -- Detecting common-cause relationships with directional information transfer / B. Hannisdal -- Variation in stratigraphic congruence (GER) through the Phanerozoic and across higher taxa is partially determined by sources of bias / A. O'Connor, C. Moncrieff & M.A. Wills -- Impact of outcrop area on estimates of Phanerozoic terrestrial biodiversity trends / P.D. Wall, L.C. Ivany & B.H. Wilkinson -- Assessing the quality of the fossil record : insights from vertebrates / M.J. Benton, A.M. Duhnill, G.T. Lloyd & F.G. Marx -- Macrostratigraphy and macroevolution in marine environments : testing the common-cause hypothesis / S.E. Peters & N.A. Heim -- The fossil record and spatial structuring of environments and biodiversity in the Cenozoic of New Zealand / J.S. Crampton, M. Foote, R.A. Cooper, A.G Beu & S.E. Peters -- Disentangling palaeodiversity signals from a biased sedimentary record : an example from the Early to Middle Miocene of Central Paratethys Sea / M. Zuschin, M. Harzhauser & O. Mandic -- The deep-sea microfossil record of macroevolutionary change in plankton and its study / D.B. Lazarus -- Quantifying the deep-sea rock and fossil record bias using coccolithophores / G.T. Lloyd, A.B. Smith & J.R. Young -- Collateral mammal diversity loss associated with late Quaternary megafaunal extinctions and implications for the future / A.D. Barnosky, M.A. Carrasco & R.W. Graham -- Uncovering the diversification history of marine tetrapods : ecology influences the effect of geological sampling biases / R.B.J. Benson, & R.J. Butler -- Geological and anthropogenic controls on the sampling of the terrestrial fossil record : a case study from the Dinosauria / P. Upchurch, P.D. Mannion, R.B.J. Benson, & R.J. Butler & M.T. Carrano.