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Thermochronological methods : from palaeotemperature constraints to landscape evolution models
edited by F. Lisker, B. Ventura and U.A. Glasmacher.
Natural Resources Library Call Number
  Stacks QE508 .T44 2009 (Browse Shelf) Available
Other Authors
  • ISBN: 9781862392854
  • ISBN: 1862392854
  • OCLC Number: 457155589
  • "This volume comprises a selection of papers presented on the European Conference on Thermochronology 2006 in Bremen"--Pref.
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

Coincidence mapping - a key strategy for the automatic counting of fission tracks in natural minerals / A.J.W. Gleadow, S.J. Gleadow, D.X. Belton, B.P. Kohn, M.S. Krochmal & R.W. Brown -- The effect of chemical etching on LA-ICP-MS analysis in determining uranium concentration for fission-track chronometry / N. Hasebe, A. Carter, A.J. Hurford & S. Aral --Quantitative constraints on mid- to shallow-crustal processes using the zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronometer / K.J. Dobson, C. Persano & F.M. Stuart -- Improving constraints on apatite provenance: Nd measurement on fission-track-dated grains / A. Carter & G.L. Foster -- Calibration and comparison of etching techniques for apatite fission-track thermochronology / G.R. Murreel, E.R. Sobel, B. Carrapa & P. Andriessen -- Convective heat transfer in a steeply dipping fault zone and its impact on the interpretation of fission-track data - a modelling study / Z. Timar-Geng, A. Henk & A. Wetzel -- Reconstruction of palaeotopography from low-temperature thermochronological data / W. Wang & Z. Zhou -- What perturbs isotherms? An assessment using fission-track thermochronology and thermal modelling along the Gotthard transect, Central Alps / C. Glotzbach, C. Spiegel, J. Reinecker, M. Rahn & W. Frisch -- Pebble population dating as an additional tool for provenance studies - examples from the Eastern Alps / I. Dunkl,W. Frisch, J. Kuhlemann & A. Brugel -- Focused erosion in the Alps constrained by fission-track ages on detrital apatites / M.G. Malusa, M. Zattin, S. Ando, E. Garzanti & G. Vezzoli --Exhumation of the Sierra de Cameros (Iberian Range, Spain): constraints from low-temperature thermochronology / P. del Rio, L. Barbero & F.M. Stuart -- Late- and post- Variscan evolution of the Ardennes in France and Belgium: constraints from apatite fission-track data / C. Xu, J.L. Mansy, P. Van den Haute, F. Guillot, Z. Zhou, J. Chen & J. de Grave -- Thermal and denudation history of the Lusatian Block (NE Bohemian Massif, Germany) as indicated by apatite fission-track data / B. Ventura, F. Lisker, & J. Kopp -- A reappraisal of low-temperature thermochronology of the eastern Fennoscandia Shield and radiation-enhanced apatite fission-track annealing / B.P. Kohn, M. Lorencak, A.J.W. Gleadow, D. Kohlmann, A. Raza, K.G. Osadetz & P. Sorjonen-Ward -- Weathering of granite and granitic regolith in Corsica: short-term ¹⁰Be versus long-term thermochronological constraints / J. Kuhlemann, I. Krumrei, M. Danišík & K. Van der Borg -- Multi-method chronometry of the Teletskoye graben and its basement, Siberian Altai Mountains: new insights on its thermo-tectonic evolution / J. de Grave, M.M. Buslov, P. Van den Haute, J. Metcalf, B. Dehandschutter & M.O. McWilliams -- Post Pan-African thermo-tectonic evolution of the north Mozambican basement and its implication for the Gondwana rifting. Inferences from ⁴⁰Ar/³⁹Ar hornblende, biotite and titanite fission-track dating / M.C. Daszinnies, J. Jacobs, J.-A Wartho & G.H. Grantham -- Denudation along the Atlantic passive margin: new insights from apatite fission-track analysis on the western coast of South Africa / A. Kounov, G. Viola, M. de Wit & M.A.G. Andreoli -- Steady-state exhumation pattern in the Central Andes - SE Peru / G.M.H. Ruiz, V. Carlotto, P.V. van Heiningen & P.A.M. Andriessen -- Combined titanite and apatite fission-track data from Gjelsvikfjella, East Antarctica - another piece of a concealed intracontinental Permo-Triassic Gondwana rift basin? / B. Emmel, J. Jacobs & M.C. Daszinnies -- Fission-track analysis of the Atotsugawa Fault (Hida Metamorphic Belt, central Japan): fault-related thermal anomaly and activation history / R. Yamada, H. Ongirad, T. Matsuda, K. Omura, A, Takeuchi & H. Iwano.