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Doing research in design
Christopher Crouch and Jane Pearce.
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  Design Library Course Reserve TS171.4 .C76 2012 (Browse Shelf) Available - On Reserve (what's this?)
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  • ISBN: 9781847885807 (hbk)
  • ISBN: 1847885799 (pbk)
  • ISBN: 9781847885791 (pbk)
  • ISBN: 1847885802 (hbk)
  • OCLC Number: 794906612
  • Includes bibliographical references (p. 175-180) and index.
Table of Contents

Contents note continued: Questions for Reflection -- Conclusion: Action Research and Design Practice -- 10.Writing about Research -- Writing as Part of the Research Process -- The Purpose of Reporting Research -- The Forms of Academic Writing -- Representing Data Visually -- Conclusion.Contents note continued: What Is Ethnography? -- Methodological Concerns -- New Ethnographies -- Methods in Ethnographic Research: Observation -- Ethnography for Research in Design -- Questions for Reflection -- Conclusion -- 7.Understanding through Story: Narratives -- What Is Narrative? -- Narratives in Research -- Narratives for Research in Design -- Methods in Narrative Research: Interviewing -- Sketches of Research Projects Using Narrative -- Questions for Reflection: Narrative -- Conclusion -- 8.Using Case Studies and Mixed Methods -- What Is Case Study Research? -- The Logo Project: A Case Study -- Methodological Choices in Case Study Research -- Survey Research -- Sketches of Research Projects Using a Case Study Approach -- Conclusion -- 9.Action Research -- What Is Action Research? -- Action Research and Design Praxis -- Practical Action Research: Anusha's Project -- Participatory Action Research: Urban Playground -- Sketch of a Research Project Using Action Research --Machine generated contents note: 1.Positioning the Designer -- What the Designer Does -- The Context of Designing -- 2.What Do Designers and Researchers Do? Thinking, Doing and Researching -- Initiating Change -- Thinking about Questions, Problems and Solutions -- Wicked Problems -- Collaborative Designing and Research -- Thinking about Research -- 3.Practice and Praxis, Reflection and Reflexivity -- Practice -- Praxis -- Reflection -- Reflexivity -- 4.Thinking about Research: Methodology -- What Is a Research Methodology? -- What Is a Research Position? -- Theoretical Lenses for Research -- Methodologies for Research in Design -- Conclusion: From Methodology to Methods -- Questions for Reflection -- 5.Doing Research: From Methodologies to Methods -- Identifying a Research Purpose -- Quantitative and Qualitative Research -- Ethical Research Practices -- Framing a Research Question: Narrowing Down and Opening Up -- 6.In the Picture: Ethnography and Observation --