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Critical debates in tourism
edited by Tej Vir Singh.
Natural Resources Library Call Number
  Stacks G155 .A1 C743 2012 (Browse Shelf) Available
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  • ISBN: 9781845413422 (hardback : alk. paper)
  • ISBN: 1845413423 (hardback : alk. paper)
  • ISBN: 9781845413415 (pbk. : alk. paper)
  • ISBN: 1845413415 (pbk. : alk. paper)
  • ISBN: 9781845413439
  • ISBN: 1845413431
  • OCLC Number: 788266643
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

1.Mass Tourism and Sustainability: Can the Two Meet -- 1.1.Towards Sustainable Mass Tourism: Paradigm Shift or Paradigm Nudge / David Weaver -- 1.2.Is Mass Tourism Serious About Sustainability / Ralf Buckley -- 1.3.Sustainable Mass Tourism: More Smudge than Nudge - The Canard Continues / Brian Wheeller -- 1.4.Critical and Normative Responses to Sustainable Tourism / Bill Bramwell -- 2.Consumerism and Tourism: Are They Cousins -- 2.1.Does Consumerism Necessarily Promote Bad Tourism / Richard Sharpley -- 2.2.Consumerism, Tourism and Voluntary Simplicity: We All Have to Consume, but do we Really Have to Travel so Much to be Happy / C. Michael Hall -- 2.3.Not All Consumerism has a Shady Side! / Joan C. Henderson -- 3.Is Small Tourism Beautiful -- 3.1.Tourism: Is Small Beautiful / David Harrison -- 3.2.Small can be Beautiful, but Big can be Beautiful Too - And Complementary: Towards Mass Tourism/Alternative Tourism Synergy / David Weaver -- 3.3.Small is Beautiful, but Size can be Important / Richard Butler -- 4.Does Community Participation Empower Local People -- 4.1.The Mantra of `Community Participation' in Context / Jim Butcher -- 4.2.Community-Based Tourism as Strategic Dead-End / David Weaver -- 4.3.Community Participation - In Need of a Fresh Perspective / Shalini Singh -- 5.Does Tourism Reduce Poverty? -- 5.1.Pro-Poor Tourism: Is There Value Beyond the Rhetoric / Regina Scheyvens -- 5.2.Pro-Poor Tourism: Is There Actually Much Rhetoric And, if so, Whose / Dorothea Meyer -- 5.3.Pro-Poor Tourism: Is There Value Beyond `Whose' Rhetoric / David Harrison -- 5.4.Pro-Poor Tourism, Climate Change and Sustainable Development / Paul Peeters -- 6.Volunteer Tourism: Is it Benign -- 6.1.Volunteer Tourism: As Good as it Seems / Daniel Guttentag -- 6.2.Volunteer Tourism May Not be as Good as it Seems / Jim Butcher -- 6.3.Volunteer Tourism: Looking Forward / Eliza Raymond -- 7.Tourism and Welfare: Seeking Symbiosis --7.1.The Tourism Industry's Welfare Responsibilities: An Adequate Response / Frances Brown -- 7.2.`Ethical' Travel and Well-being: Reposing the Issue / Jim Butcher -- 7.3.Tourism Ethics Needs More Than a Surface Approach / David Fennell -- 7.4.Tourism and Welfare: A Good Idea and a Pious Hope / Carson L. Jenkins -- 8.Tourism Education: Quo Vadis -- 8.1.Contemporary Tourism Education: Notes from the Frontline / Chris Cooper -- 8.2.The Cost of Everything and the Value of Nothing / Brian Wheeller -- 8.3.Innovate or Deteriorate - Moving Tourism Education into the 21st Century / Lisa Ruhanen -- 9.Post-Colonialism: Academic Responsibility -- 9.1.`Post Colonialism', Responsibility and Tourism Academics: Where's the Connection / Frances Brown -- 9.2.Academic Capitalism, Academic Responsibility and Tourism Academics: Or, the Silence of the Lambs / C. Michael Hall -- 9.3.Towards an Ethics of Responsibility in Tourism Education / Erik Cohen -- 10.The Dilemma of Authenticity and Inauthenticity -- 10.1.`Authenticity' in Tourism Studies: Apres la Lutte / Erik Cohen -- 10.2.Staged Authenticity: A Grande Idee / Kjell Olsen -- 10.3.Authenticity Matters: Meanings and Further Studies in Tourism / Philip L. Pearce -- 11.Heritage Tourism: Heritage Tourists -- 11.1.Do Tourists Destroy the Heritage They Have Come to Experience / Gregory Ashworth -- 11.2.Heritage Tourists: Responsible, (f)or What? / Brian Wheeller -- 11.3.Tourists and Heritage: All Things Must Come to Pass / C. Michael Hall -- 12.Nature-Based Tourism: There's a Lot in a Name -- 12.1.What's in a Name Conceptualizing Natural Resource-Based Tourism / David Fennell -- 12.2.Nature-Based Tourism in Breadth and Depth / Alexandra Coghlan -- 12.3.Ecotourism and Nature-Based Tourism: What's Beyond the Names and Labels / Betty Weiler -- 13.Tourism and Climate Change: A Need for Critical Analysis -- 13.1.Tourism and Climate Change: Knowledge Gaps and Issues / C. Michael Hall --13.2.Climate Change - Beyond the Hype / Susanne Becken -- 13.3.Climate Change: Tourism Destination Dynamics / Ralf Buckley -- 13.4.Climate Change and Tourism: Time for Critical Reflection / Daniel Scott -- 14.Slow Tourism: Back to Bullock Cart Days! -- 14.1.Are Slow Travel and Slow Tourism Misfits, Compadres or Different Genres / Benjamin F. Timms -- 14.2.Advocating and Implementing Slow Tourism / Alison Caffyn -- 14.3.Questioning Slow as Sustainable / Rachel Dodds.