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Robin Walz.
Design Library Call Number
  Stacks NX456.5 .M64 W35 2013 (Browse Shelf) Available
  • ISBN: 9781408264492 (paperback)
  • ISBN: 1408264498 (paperback)
  • OCLC Number: 809249942
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

Chronology -- Who's who -- Glossary -- Map -- Part One. Introduction -- The Problem -- What is modernism? -- Part Two. The Historical Origins of Modernism -- Art and Modernity in the Nineteenth Century -- The Perceptual Revolution -- Part Three. High Modernism -- Early Modernism -- The Radical Avant-Garde -- The New Sobriety -- Part Four. After Modernism -- The Neo-Avant-Garde -- Postmodernism -- Part Five. Concludion -- Assessment -- Part Six. Documents -- Charles Baudelaire, "The painter of modern life" -- Virginia Woolf, "Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown" -- Henri Matisse, "Notes of a painter" -- Wassily Kandinsky, Concerning the spiritual in art -- Piet Mondrian, "Neo-plasticism : the general principle of plastic equivalence" -- Emil Nolde, "On primitive art" -- F.T. Marinetti, "The founding and the manifesto of futurism" -- Tristan Tzara, "Dada manifesto 1918" -- Andre Breton, "The manifesto of surrealism" -- Le Corbusier and Amedee Ozenfant, "Purism" -- Walter Gropius, "The theory and organisation of the Bauhaus" -- Alfred H. Barr, Jr., Cubism and abstract art -- Walter Benjamin, "The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction" -- Richard Hamilton, "For the finest art try -- POP" -- Peter Burger, "The negation of the autonomy of art by the Avant-Garde" -- Jean Baudrillard, Simulations -- Frederic Jameson, "Postmodernism, or the cultural logic of late capitalism" -- Lucy R. Lippard, "Trojan Horses : activist art and power" -- Raymond Williams, "When was modernism?"