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Livestock handling and transport [electronic resource]
edited by T. Grandin.
Other Authors
  • ISBN: 9781845932190
  • ISBN: 1845932196
  • OCLC Number: 775568857
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

Introduction : effect of customer requirements, international standards and marketing structure on the handling and transport of livestock and poultry / T. Grandin -- General principles of stress and well-being / P.B. Siegal & W.B. Gross -- Causes of poor welfare and welfare assessment during handling and transport / D.M. Broom -- Behavioural principles of handling cattle and other grazing animals under extensive conditions / T. Grandin -- Low-stress restraint, handling and weaning of cattle / J.M. Stookey & J.M. Watts -- Handling cattle raised in close association with people / R. Ewbank and M. Parker -- Handling facilities and restraint of range cattle / T. Grandin -- Dairy cattle behaviour, facilities, handling, transport, automation and well-being / J.L. Albright and W.K. Fulwider -- Cattle transport / T. Grandin and C. Gallo -- Behavioural principles of sheep handling / G.D. Hutson -- Design of sheep yards and shearing sheds / A. Barber and R.B. Freeman -- Sheep transport / M.S. Cockram -- Dogs for herding and guarding livestock / L. Coppinger and R. Coppinger -- Behavioural principles of pig handling / P.H. Hemsworth -- Transport of pigs / E. Lambooij -- Handling and transport of horses / K.A. Houpt -- Deer handling and transport / L.R. Matthews -- Poultry handling and transport / C.A. Weeks -- Stress physiology of animals during transport / T.G. Knowles and P.D. Warriss -- Handling and welfare of livestock in slaughter plants / T. Grandin -- Biosecurity for animal health and food safety / K.E. Belk, J.A. Scanga and T. Grandin.