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Laboratory animal welfare [electronic resource]
edited by Kathryn Bayne, Patricia V. Turner.
Other Authors
  • ISBN: 9780123851031
  • ISBN: 0123851033
  • OCLC Number: 857711887
  • OCLC Number: 867817072
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

History philosophies, and concepts of animal welfare / Emily Patterson-Kane, Gail C. Golab -- Ethics and animal welfare / Marilyn J. Brown -- Regulations, policies, and guidelines impacting laboratory animal welfare / Mary Ann Vasbinder, C. Terrance Hawk, B. Taylor Bennett -- Animal welfare assessment considerations / Bonnie V. Beaver, Kathryn Bayne -- Contemporary Issues in laboratory animal welfare / Leticia V. Medina, Penny Hawkins -- Laboratory animal welfare: International issues / Kathryn Bayne, A.C. David Bayvel, Virginia Williams -- Animal environments and their impact on laboratory welfare / Kathryn Bane, Patricia V. Turner -- Experimental design: reduction and refinement in studies using animals / Derek Fry -- Animal welfare considerations in biomedical research and testing / William S. Stokes, Daniel S. Marsman -- Preservation of animal welfare during unforeseen events / Michael J. Huerkamp, F. Claire Hankenson -- Euthanasia and laboratory animal welfare / Larry Carbone -- Rodent and rabbit welfare in research environment / Patricia V. Turner -- Nonhuman primate welfare in the research environment / Steven J. Schapiro, Kristine Coleman, Mercy Akinyi ...[et. al] -- Dog and cat welfare in a research environment / Lavonne D. Meuner, Bonnie V. Beaver -- Agricultural animal welfare / Wendy J. Underwood, John J. McGlone, Janice Swanson ... [et al.] -- Birds as laboratory animals / Joy A. Mench, Richard A. Blatchford -- Welfare of laboratory fishes / Steven A. Smith.