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Equine emergencies [electronic resource] : treatment and procedures
editors, James A. Orsini, DVM, DACVS, Associate Professor of Surgery, New Bolton Center, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, Thomas J. Divers, DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC, Professor, Large Animal Medicine, Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University Hospital for Animals, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.
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  • ISBN: 9781455708925
  • ISBN: 1455708925
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Preceded by: Equine emergencies / James A. Orsini, Thomas J. Divers.
Table of Contents

Blood collection / Olivia Lorello and James A. Orsini -- Medication administration and alternative methods of -- Drug administration / Olivia Lorello, Barb Dallap Schaer, and James A. Orsini -- Intravenous catheter placement / Olivia Lorello and James A. Orsini -- Venous access via cutdown / James A. Orsini -- Regional perfusion, intraosseous, and resuscitation -- Infusion techniques / David G. Levine -- Biopsy techniques / Janik C. Gasiorowski and James A. Orsini -- Hyperbaric oxygen therapy / Fairfield T. Bain -- Complementary therapies in emergencies: -- Acupuncture / Stephen G. Dill -- Laboratory diagnosis of bacterial, fungal, viral, and -- Parasitic pathogens / Joan Norton -- Emergency and critical care monitoring / Thomas J. Divers and Eileen S. Hackett -- Cytology / Tracy Stokol -- Emergency diagnostic endoscopy / Barbara Dallap Schaer, Ellison Aldrich, and James A. Orsini -- Gene testing / Joan Norton -- Imaging techniques and indications for the emergency -- Patient / Christopher Ryan, JoAnn Slack, Michael W. Ross, and Peter V. Scrivani -- Emergency laboratory tests and point-of-care -- Diagnostics / Eileen S. Hackett, Thomas J. Divers, and Jean C. Young -- Blood coagulation disorders / SallyAnne L. Ness -- Cardiovascular system / Sophy A. Jesty -- Gastrointestinal system / Barbara Dallap Schaer, James A. Orsini, David L. Foster, Edward T. Earley, P.O. Eric Mueller, John F. Peroni, James N. Moore, Thomas J. Divers, Nathan Slovis, and J. Barry David -- Integumentary system: wound healing, management -- And reconstruction / Ted S. Stashak and Christine L. Theoret -- Liver failure, anemia, and blood transfusion / Thomas J. Divers -- Musculoskeletal system / Elizabeth J. Davidson, James A. Orsini, Joanne Hardy -- And jose garcia-lopez -- Nervous system / Amy L. Johnson and Thomas J. Divers -- Ophthalmology / Nita L. Irby -- Reproductive system / Regina M. Turner, Tamara Dobbie, and Dirk K. Vanderwall -- Respiratory system / Barbara Dallap Schaer, James A. Orsini, Jean-Pierre Lavoie -- Thomas j. divers, janik c. gasiorowski, and fairfield t. bain -- Urinary system / Barbara Dallap Schaer, James A. Orsini, and Thomas J. Divers -- Monitoring the pregnant mare / Tamara Dobbie -- Emergency foaling / Tamara Dobbie and Regina M. Turner -- Foal resuscitation / Kevin T. Corley -- Perinatology and the high-risk pregnant mare / Pamela A. Wilkins -- Neonatology / K. Gary Magdesian -- Shock and systemic inflammatory response -- Syndrome / Thomas J. Divers and Joan Norton -- Temperature related problems: hypothermia and hyperthermia / Thomas J. Divers -- Toxicology / Robert H. Poppenga and Birgit Puschner -- Burns, acute soft tissue swellings, pigeon fever, and -- Fasciotomy / R. Reid Hanson, Earl M. Gaughan, Nora S. Grenager, and Janik C. Gasiorowski -- Caring for the down horse / Rachel Gardner -- Disaster medicine and technical emergency -- Rescue / Rebecca M. Gimenez -- Emergency treatment of mules and donkeys / Alexandra J. Burton, Linda D. Mittel, and Jay Merriam -- Emergency problems unique to draft horses / Samuel D. A. Hurcombe -- Emergency diseases outside the continental united -- States / Alexandre Secorun Borges, Tim Mair, Israel Pasval, Montague N. Saulez, Brett S. Tennent-Brown, and Andrew William van Eps -- Flood injury in horses / Rebecca S. McConnico -- Foot injuries / Robert Agne -- Laminitis / Amy Rucker and James A. Orsini -- Emergencies of the racing athlete / Patricia M. Hogan, Jennifer A. Wrigley, and James A. Orsini -- Snake envenomation / Benjamin R. Buchanan -- Thoracic trauma / Rolfe M. Radcliffe -- Anesthesia for out of hospital emergencies / Stuart C. Clark-Price -- Euthanasia/humane destruction / Thomas J. Divers -- Pain management / Bernd Driessen -- Medical management of the starved horse / Dominic Dawson Soto -- Nutritional guidelines for the injured, hospitalized -- And postsurgical patient / Raymond J. Geor -- Contagious and zoonotic diseases / Helen Aceto and Barbara Dallap Schaer -- Standard precautions and infectious disease -- Management / Helen Aceto and Barbara Dallap Schaer.