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Zoo and wild animal medicine : current therapy / edited by Murray E. Fowler.
Veterinary Medicine Library Call Number
  Veterinary Medicine Library Course Reserve SF996 .Z66 1993 (Browse Shelf) Available - On Reserve (what's this?)
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  • ISBN: 0721636675
  • OCLC Number: 27728187
  • "Sponsored by Morris Animal Foundation, Denver, Colorado."
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
Table of Contents

1. Wildlife Laws, Regulations, and Policies / Susan K. Wells-Mikota -- 2. Medical Input Into Species Survival Plans / William J. Boever -- 3. Dealing with Natural Disasters in a Zoo / Gary Harwell -- 4. Protocols for Dealing with Escapes / Bonnie L. Raphael -- 5. Identification of Animals in Zoos / Michael R. Loomis -- 6. Medical Considerations of Reintroduction / Mitchell Bush, Benjamin B. Beck and Richard J. Montali -- 7. Flexible Endoscopy in Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine / Robert A. Cook -- 8. Allometric Scaling and Emergency Care: The Importance of Body Size / Charles J. Sedgwick --19. Current Reptilian Anesthesia Procedures / C. Douglas Page -- 20. Blood Collection Techniques in Reptiles: Laboratory Investigations / Elliott R. Jacobson -- 21. Viral Diseases of Reptiles / Elliott R. Jacobson -- 22. Diseases of Free-Ranging Birds. Diseases of Wild Birds in Southern Africa / Alan N. S. Abrey. Natural Diseases of Free-Ranging Birds in South America / Zalmir Silvino Cubas. Diseases of Free-Ranging Birds in Australia / David A. Pass -- 23. General Infectious Diseases. Avian Aspergillosis / Patrick T. Redig. Bumblefoot Treatment in Raptors / Patrick T. Redig -- 24. Diseases of Bird Groups. Penguin and Alcid Medicine / Michael K. Stoskopf.25. Veterinary Dentistry in Zoo and Wild Animals / Andries W. Van Foreest -- 26. Monotremes and Marsupials. Diseases of Monotremes / Richard J. Whittington. Diseases of Free-Living Marsupials / Richard M. Jakob-Hoff. Designing Artificial Diets for Captive Marsupials / I. D. Hume and P. S. Barboza. Marsupial Parasitic Diseases / Ian Beveridge -- 27. Insectivora. Diseases of the Hedgehog / Ewald Isenbugel and Ruth A. Baumgartner. Medical Problems of Shrews / Thomas P. Meehan -- 28. Edentata: Diseases / Donald S. Gillespie -- 29. Chiroptera: Bat Medicine, Management, and Conservation / Denny G. Constantine --30. Viral Hepatitis of Rabbits and Hares in Scandinavia / Dolores Gavier-Widen -- 31. Primates. Quarantine / Jeffrey A. Roberts. Health Plan for the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda / James W. Foster. Diseases of Great Apes / Donald L. Janssen. Endometriosis in Nonhuman Primates / R. Brent Swenson. Emerging Viral Diseases of Nonhuman Primates in the Wild / Nicholas W. Lerche. Bacterial Enterocolitis in Nonhuman Primates / Joanne Paul-Murphy. Protozoal Parasites of Great Apes / R. Brent Swenson. Viral Hepatitis in New World Primates / Ed Ramsay and Richard J. Montali. Zoonotic Diseases of Nonhuman Primates / Janis E. Ott-Joslin.9. Identification of Nutritional Problems in Captive Wild Animals / Duane E. Ullrey and Mary E. Allen -- 10. Veterinary Contributions to International Wildlife Management / Albert W. Franzmann -- 11. Tuberculosis and Other Mycobacterial Diseases in Captive Wild Animals / Charles O. Thoen -- 12. Encephalomyocarditis in Zoo Animals / Andrew E. Gutter -- 13. Yersiniosis in Nondomestic Birds and Mammals / P. Zwart -- 14. Plague and Tularemia in Rodent Populations / Thomas J. Quan -- 15. Animal and Human Welfare. Occupational Health Programs in Wildlife Facilities / M. S. Silberman. The Humane Care of Captive Wild Animals / Rita McManamon.Captive Marine Mammal Reproduction / J. Pete Schroeder. Rehabilitation of Sea Otters / Thomas D. Williams -- 34. Elephants. Current Immobilization Procedures Used in Elephants / Richard A. Kock, Peter Morkel and Michael D. Kock. Castration of the Elephant / John H. Olsen and H. T. Byron, Jr. Breeding Elephants in Captivity / Michael J. Schmidt. Foot Care in Elephants / Murray E. Fowler. Veterinary Care of Performing Elephants / Richard Houck -- 35. Perissodactylids. Hemolytic Anemia in the Black Rhinoceros / R. Eric Miller. Infectious Diseases of the Rhinoceros and Tapir / Edward C. Ramsay and Zainal-Zahari Zainuddin.Capture and Translocation of the Free-Ranging Black Rhinoceros: Medical and Management Problems / Michael D. Kock and Peter Morkel. Chemical Immobilization of Wild Equids / Henning Wiesner -- 36. Artiodactylids. New [actual symbol not reproducible] Agonists and Antagonists / Harry H. Jalanka. Stress and Capture Myopathy in Artiodactylids / Terry R. Spraker. Horns and Antlers / Murray E. Fowler. Translocation of Wildlife / David A. Jessup. Remote Treatment and Monitoring of Wildlife / David A. Jessup. Malignant Catarrhal Fever / Werner P. Heuschele. Babesiosis and Theileriosis in Free-Ranging and Captive Artiodactylids / Patricia A. Conrad and Kenneth A. Waldrup.Clinical Anatomy of Ratites / Murray E. Fowler. Ratite Restraint and Handling / James M. Jensen. Infectious and Parasitic Diseases of Ratites / James M. Jensen. Ostrich Reproduction / Karen D. Hicks. Hatchery Management in Ostrich Production / James S. Stewart. Ocular Lesions in Birds of Prey / Christopher J. Murphy. Infectious and Parasitic Diseases of Raptors / John E. Cooper. Infectious and Parasitic Diseases of Cranes / James W. Carpenter. Diseases of Turacos, Go-Away Birds, and Plantain-Eaters / Roger E. Brannian. Columbiform Medicine / P. Zwart. Psittacine Birds as Reservoirs of Serious Diseases / Robert E. Schmidt. Psittacine Incubation and Pediatrics / Kim L. Joyner --Humane Considerations in Immobilization and Study of Free-Ranging Wildlife / Elizabeth S. Williams -- 16. Genetics. Blood Typing in Nondomestic Animals / M. Cecilia Torres Penedo. Inbreeding and Disease in Captive Wild Animals / Linda Munson. Methods for Assessing Reproduction in Nondomestic Species / Bill L. Lasley and Susan E. Shideler -- 17. Game Farming and Wildlife Utilization. Game Farming, with an Emphasis on North America / Jerry C. Haigh. Wildlife Management and Utilization in East Africa / Paul Sayer and Dieter Rottcher. Game Ranching in South Africa / Hym Ebedes. Medical Aspects of Reindeer Farming / Robert A. Dieterich -- 18. Amphibian Medicine / Graham J. Crawshaw --Nonhuman Primate Retroviruses and Simian Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome / Linda J. Lowenstine and Nicholas W. Lerche. Parasites of New World Primates / Peregrine L. Wolff -- 32. Carnivores. Semen Collection and Analysis in Carnivores / JoGayle Howard. Parasitic Diseases of Carnivores / Bengt O. Roken. Medical Management of Pandas in Europe / James K. Kirkwood. Medical Management of Giant Pandas / Mitchell Bush and Richard J. Montali -- 33. Marine Mammals. Pinniped Anesthesia / Laurie J. Gage. Hand Rearing Pinnipeds / Laurie J. Gage. Cetacean Strandings / D. J. Needham. Blood Sampling and Other Collection Techniques in Marine Mammals / Jay C. Sweeney.Toxoplasmosis in Captive Ungulates / Janet Stover. Wild Swine and Peccaries / Murray E. Fowler. Hippopotamidae (Hippopotamus) / Dietmar Jarofke. Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology of Camels / Murray E. Fowler. Basic Reproductive Physiology in Female South American Camelids / P. Walter Bravo. Infertility Evaluation in Llamas and Alpacas / LaRue W. Johnson. Abortion in Llamas / LaRue W. Johnson. Anesthesia of High-Risk Animals: Giraffe / Mitchell Bush. Peracute Mortality Syndrome of Giraffes / Randall E. Junge and Teresa A. Bradley. Giraffid Reproduction / Paul P. Calle, Bonnie L. Raphael and Naida M. Loskutoff. Diseases of Wild Sheep / David A. Jessup and Walter M. Boyce.