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Companion encyclopedia of anthropology
edited by Tim Ingold.
D.H. Hill Library Call Number
  Reference Material (1st floor, East Wing) GN25 .C65 1994 (Browse Shelf) Available (Library use only)
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  • ISBN: 0415021375 :
  • OCLC Number: 27109137
  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Subtitle on cover: Humanity, culture, and social life.
Table of Contents

11. Disease and the destruction of indigenous populations / Stephen J. Kunitz -- Pt. II. Culture. 12. Introduction to culture / Tim Ingold. 13. Why animals have neither culture nor history / David Premack and Ann James Premack. 14. Symbolism: the foundation of culture / Mary LeCron Foster. 15. Artefacts and the meaning of things / Daniel Miller. 16. Technology / Francois Sigaut. 17. Spatial organization and the built environment / Amos Rapoport. 18. Perceptions of time / Barbara Adam. 19. Aspects of literacy / Brian V. Street and Niko Besnier. 20. Magic, religion and the rationality of belief / Gilbert Lewis. 21. Myth and metaphor / James F. Weiner.22. Ritual and performance / Richard Schechner. 23. The anthropology of art / Howard Morphy. 24. Music and dance / Anthony Seeger. 25. The politics of culture: ethnicity and nationalism / Anthony D. Smith -- Pt. III. Social Life. 26. Introduction to social life / Tim Ingold. 27. Sociality among humans and non-human animals / R. I. M. Dunbar. 28. Rules and prohibitions: the form and content of human kinship / Alan Barnard. 29. Understanding sex and gender / Henrietta L. Moore. 30. Socialization, enculturation and the development of personal identity / Fitz John Porter Poole. 31. Social aspects of language use / Jean DeBernardi.32. Work, the division of labour and co-operation / Sutti Ortiz. 33. Exchange and reciprocity / C. A. Gregory. 34. Political domination and social evolution / Timothy Earle. 35. Law and dispute processes / Simon Roberts. 36. Collective violence and common security / Robert A. Rubinstein. 37. Inequality and equality / Andre Beteille. 38. The nation state, colonial expansion and the contemporary world order / Peter Worsley.General introduction / Tim Ingold -- Pt. I. Humanity. 1. Introduction to humanity / Tim Ingold. 2. Humanity and animality / Tim Ingold. 3. The evolution of early hominids / Phillip V. Tobias. 4. Human evolution: the last one million years / Clive Gamble. 5. The origins and evolution of language / Philip Lieberman. 6. Tools and tool behaviour / Thomas Wynn. 7. Niche construction, evolution and culture / F. J. Odling-Smee. 8. Modes of subsistence: hunting and gathering to agriculture and pastoralism / Roy Ellen. 9. The diet and nutrition of human populations / Igor de Garine. 10. Demographic expansion: causes and consequences / Mark N. Cohen.