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Wild mammals in captivity : principles and techniques
editors, Devra G. Kleiman ... [et al.].
D.H. Hill Library Call Number
  Stacks (9th floor) SF408 .W55 1996 (Browse Shelf) Available
  Stacks (9th floor) SF408 .W55 1996 (Browse Shelf) Available
  Stacks (9th floor) SF408 .W55 1997 (Browse Shelf) Available
Veterinary Medicine Library Call Number
  Stacks SF408 .W55 1996 (Browse Shelf) Available
Other Authors
  • ISBN: 0226440028 (alk. paper)
  • ISBN: 0226440036 (pbk. : alk. paper)
  • OCLC Number: 32745638
  • "Paperback edition 1997"--T.p. verso.
  • Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Table of Contents

15. The BioPark Concept and the Exhibition of Mammals / Michael H. Robinson -- 16. What's the Message? Education through Exhibit Design / Jon Charles Coe -- 17. Horticultural Philosophies in Zoo Exhibit Design / Donald W. Jackson -- 18. Integrating Animal Behavior and Exhibit Design / John Seidensticker and James G. Doherty -- 19. The Design and Use of Moats and Barriers / David Hancocks -- 20. Mixed-Species Exhibits with Mammals / Warren D. Thomas and Edward J. Maruska -- 21. Enclosure Furnishings and Structural Environmental Enrichment / Terry L. Maple and Lorraine A. Perkins -- 22. Structural and Keeper Considerations in Exhibit Design / Mark A. Rosenthal and William A. Xanten --23. Water Quality Management in Aquatic Mammal Exhibits / Daryl J. Boness -- 24. Species, Subspecies, and Races: The Problem of Units of Management in Conservation / George F. Barrowclough and Nathan R. Flesness -- 25. Genetic Research and Its Application in Zoos / Oliver A. Ryder and Robert C. Fleischer -- 26. Demographic and Genetic Management of Captive Populations / Jonathan D. Ballou and Thomas J. Foose -- 27. Dispersal and Captive Mammal Management / Sharon Pfeifer -- 28. Issues of Surplus Animals / Steve Graham -- 29. Reintroduction Programs / Devra G. Kleiman --30. The Role of Conservation and Survival Centers in Wildlife Conservation / Christen Wemmer, Scott Derrickson and Larry Collins -- 31. Effects of Captivity on the Behavior of Wild Mammals / Kathy Carlstead -- 32. Communication and Social Behavior / Fred W. Koontz and Rebecca S. Roush -- 33. Mammalian Social Organization and Mating Systems / Joel Berger and Elizabeth F. Stevens -- 34. Behavioral Development and Play / Katerina V. Thompson -- 35. Aspects of the Ecology and Psychology of Feeding and Foraging / Donna Fernandes -- 36. Mammalian Reproductive Behavior / Daniel Q. Estep and Donald A. Dewsbury -- 37. Reproductive Physiology / Cheryl S. Asa --38. Determining and Manipulating Female Reproductive Parameters / J. Keith Hodges -- 39. Male Reproduction: Assessment, Management, and Control of Fertility / David E. Wildt -- 40. Contraception as a Management Tool for Controlling Surplus Animals / Cheryl S. Asa, Ingrid Porton, Anne M. Baker and Edward D. Plotka -- 41. Pregnancy and Parturition in Captive Mammals / Michael Hutchins, Patrick Thomas and Cherlyl S. Asa -- 42. Parental Care in Captive Mammals / Andrew J. Baker, Anne M. Baker and Katerina V. Thompson -- 43. Patterns of Growth in Mammals / James K. Kirkwood and Georgina M. Mace -- 44. Current Research Activities in Zoos / Donna FitzRoy Hardy --45. The Need for Multidisciplinary Research Units in the Zoo / Kurt Benirschke -- 46. Data Collection in the Zoo Setting, Emphasizing Behavior / Carolyn M. Crockett -- 47. Standard Methods for Measuring Mammals / Barbara Lundgrigan -- 48. Disposal versus Disposition: The Role of a Comparative Anatomist in a Zoological Park / Theodore I. Grand -- Appendix 1: Mammalian Phylogeny / John F. Eisenberg -- Appendix 2: Annotated Bibliography and Journals of Captive Management / Kay A. Kenyon and Michaele M. Robinson -- Appendix 3: Summary of United States Wildlife Regulations Applicable to Zoos / Kristin L. Vehrs --8. Animal Learning and Husbandry Training / Jill D. Mellen and Sue Ellis -- 9. Zoo Security and Dealing with Escaped Animals / Joseph P. Flanagan and Lou E. Tsipis -- 10. Nutrition and Dietary Evaluation in Zoos / Olav T. Oftedal and Mary E. Allen -- 11. Essential Nutrients in Mammalian Diets / Mary E. Allen and Olav T. Oftedal -- 12. The Feeding and Nutrition of Herbivores / Olav T. Oftedal, David J. Baer and Mary E. Allen -- 13. The Feeding and Nutrition of Carnivores / Mary E. Allen, Olav T. Oftedal and David J. Baer -- 14. The Feeding and Nutrition of Omnivores with Emphasis on Primates / Olav T. Oftedal and Mary E. Allen --Appendix 4: Records, Studbooks, and ISIS Inventories / Alan Shoemaker and Nathan R. Flesness -- Appendix 5: Inter-Zoo Breeding Loans / Judith Block and Lorrain A. Perkins.Foreword / Gerald Durrell and Lee Durrell -- Preface / Devra G. Kleiman -- 1. Ethical and Welfare Issues Associated with Keeping Wild Mammals in Captivity / Joy A. Mench and Michael D. Kreger -- 2. Preventive Medicine / Keith C. Hinshaw, Wilbur B. Amand and Carl L. Tinkelman -- 3. Methods of Capture, Handling, and Anesthesia / Mitchell Bush -- 4. Neonatal Care Protocols / Bruce W. Read and Jane E. Meier -- 5. Identification and Marking Techniques / Clifford G. Rice and Penny Kalk -- 6. Introduction and Socialization Techniques for Primates / Eve Watts and Angela Meder -- 7. Introduction, Socialization, and Crate Training Techniques / Karl R. Kranz --